Mary Roe (fictitious name/confidentiality) v. John Doe, Esquire (fictitious name)

  • Legal Malpractice
  • Case settled for $475,000, making her total recovery $715,000 equal to 3 times the amount that her negligent attorneys settled for in the original case.
  • Legal Malpractice: Female union painter was disabled when struck by an unattached security door that fell on her while working. She filed both a Workers Compensation case and a lawsuit. Her lawsuit settled in 1994 but her workers compensation case continued. During a hearing on the WC case, the insurer learned that her lawyer did not pay back a WC lien as required when negligence cases settle. WC stopped her benefits and she hired Faccenda Law Firm, LLC. We learned also that her initial case was settled for an inadequate amount. Suit was started against her attorneys for settling the earlier case for an inadequate sum and for failing to properly resolve the WC insurer’s claim for reimbursement. Case recovery was in addition to the amount the worker received from the first settlement, which we contended was inadequate.